Artist // Künstlerin: Gabriela Ghircoias

19 Okt

Gabriela Ghircoias is a major in photography at the University of Arts in Bucharest and works as a concert and band photographer. She is actively participating in the protest movement against the gold mining at Rosia Montana and has also been documenting it.

The series is a photo documentary on some protests against Rosia Montana Gold Mining project in July 2011, in front of the Ministry of Culture in Bucharest. The series is entitled ‚Hunoriada‘ based on the name of the Minister of Culture, Kelemen Hunor, a.k.a. the Minister of Cyanide, who, at that time, had just issued key permit for the project. The demonstrators, against the approval of the archaeological discharge certificate for the Carnic mountain at Rosia Montana, called for the minister’s resignation, flying banners like:  „Hunor Kelemen – Minister of Cyanide,“ „Ministry of Cyanide and Destruction of National Heritage,“ „Government Coalition PDL+UDMR+RMGC equals LOVE,“ „Government paid by death“ and „You take the cyanide, we want nature and culture.“ The main portraits were of a ‚golden Hunor “


Gabriela Ghircoias studiert an der Universität der Künste in Bukarest Photographie im zweiten Masterjahr und arbeitet als Konzert- und Bandphotographin. Sie hat aktiv am Protest gegen den Goldabbau in Roşiă Montană teilgenommen und diesen dokumentiert.

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